June 17, 2015


We're so busy fighting for stronger rent laws - we sent that email with a huge typo. The rent laws EXPIRED on Monday. 

Rent laws expired on June 15th and we are busy keeping the pressure on Cuomo. We will have actions every day until the rent laws are renewed.
See you on the streets!
Cuomo sleep-in tonight at 10:30 PM - 633 Third Ave.
If Cuomo won’t let us keep our apartments, we’re going to move in with him!
We’re camping out tonight in front of his Midtown office, because he should know that we’re not going away, no matter how long he drags his feet in Albany negotiations. Come join Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams, bring your best chants, and let’s fight for our futures!
But no ghost stories please. The #TenantEmergency is scary enough.
#TenantTakeover #RealAffordability
Protest outside of Cuomo's Fundraiser: 6PM Thurs
Plaza hotel - 59th and 5th Ave.
Picket at Cuomo’s Office - 633 Third Avenue, between 40 and 41st Street
If the esteemed Governor Cuomo/Glenwood/One Percent cannot figure out a workable solution for 2.2 million seniors, working families, and rent-regulated tenants, then we cannot leave him alone.
Join the picket line, sing songs, and show our elected that money cannot buy outcomes in New York State!
#TenantTakeover #TenantEmergency