June 16, 2015


The Gender Expression Non-Discrimination Act (GENDA) is closer to becoming the law of the land than ever before—but we’re running out of time and we need your help.
We need you to help cut through the Senate deadlock and tell Senate Leader John Flanagan that GENDA must pass this year! There are mere days left in this legislative session and Senate Leader Flanagan must hear from New Yorkers like you that transgender rights aren’t just a topic for talk shows and magazine covers – they are an absolute priority to the people of New York.
Call Senate Leader Flanagan’s office at 518-455-2071 and tell him: Trans New Yorkers cannot be left behind one more year – do the right thing and pass GENDA now!
Here are some talking points to help you:
  • This is a time of unprecedented visibility and understanding of transgender issues – it’s more obvious than ever why we need GENDA!
  • Transgender New Yorkers face terrible discrimination in nearly every aspect of life, but receive none of the legal protections from discrimination that other New York residents take for granted.
  • GENDA is simple – it would ensure that transgender New Yorkers are protected by the same legal safeguards as everyone else in the state.
  • Nearly half of transgender youth attempt suicide. It is our responsibility to make sure that all of our children can see a future for themselves free from discrimination and hate.
  • GENDA is pro-business: the bill would streamline the existing patchwork of regulations and local laws with a single, statewide standard—freeing employers and employees alike from a cumbersome and insufficient status quo and making compliance simple and uniform.
  • GENDA isn’t a matter of party politics, but just simple common sense.
  • Transgender New Yorkers cannot be left behind again. Senator, you must Pass GENDA this year!
Thank you,
Nathan Schaefer
Executive Director
Empire State Pride Agenda