March 12, 2015


Obama has officially turned democrats into war mongers. Hillary, democrats' next big hope, will run as even more of a hawk. Democrats pretend to be anti-war, but usually go along with it. So in a bizarre twist, the peacenik Dennis Kucinich is now writing for Fox News urging Congress against war authorization for a war Obama already started?.With MSNBC as a mouthpiece for an establishment democratic party which turned to unauthorized war under Obama, only Fox News features a story which desperately needs to be told. Because the only people who now vigorously support peace are the far left, the far right and maybe some fiscal conservatives who mainly don't want to see money blown. Please contact your representatives and ask them not to vote for Obama's indefinite war authorization. In the last presidential election, we told Obama we didn't want more war. Now we're back in Iraq and also either in or threatening to go into Pakistan, Syria, Yemen, Ukraine and Argentina. Would that be a terrorist agenda? Oh, that's right. They aren't terrorists if they're murdering wearing US uniforms instead of turbans.
KUCINICH: The Obama administration made its first formal bid in the United States Senate today to seek permission from Congress to wage endless, global war in the name of pursuing ISIS, (which surfaced as a response to US interventions, occupations and other military actions).
The Senate hearing was a ball of confusion. Administration officials engaged in a lot of equivocation (doubletalk) when pressed by Senators about the length of the new war and the use of ground troops.
It is URGENT that you weigh in and tell Congress NO to endless war.
This latest request for a new war authorization will bring a permanent war and make us, and our nation, less safe. Many of us worked together to challenge the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya. We need to step up again. Below I provide a well-researched, fact-based analysis which I urge you to send to your Member of Congress with a request to vote NO.
Please read: 10 Reasons to vote AGAINST the Authorization to Use Military Force (AUMF), by Dennis Kucinich.

Ten reasons to vote against the use of military force