March 10, 2015


So for a couple weeks of silence, while the press has run wild with true accusations that Hillary Clinton used not just her personal email for business, but that she also used a "home-brew" server. The friendly term "home-brew" has never seemed so sinister.

Clinton broke her silence today with the excuse that it was more convenient for her to use her personal email with just the one device. (I'm so glad that you found that rule convenient, Hill.) And the home-brew server she explained was her husband's--she mentioned Bill twice in her short explanation--and that it was more secure. From who? While Hillary claims she's submitted all of her emails, how would we know? Apparently, any government official she emailed as secretary of state would have automatically copied her emails to them. But who else did she email about what who didn't automatically copy the emails? Who did she email who wasn't in the US government? And her husband has sent only two emails in his life--are we really to expect that HIS server is somehow up-to-date, extensive and somehow safer? Any techies care to weigh in on that?

By repeatedly mentioning her husband, a popular president, I guess that'll banish any thoughts of Hillary's impropriety because the economy did better under Bill so we should all have rosy thoughts about his wife ruling--I mean governing--our country. When she feels like complying with guidelines...If they're convenient enough for her...That's a sound way to elect a new president--pining for better days gone by and imagining that she can bring them back or even wants to.

Apparently, Clinton's actions broke no laws, but went against guidelines. And Colin Powell used a private email as well. And he was a good guy, right? The secretary of state we wrongly went to war with Iraq under?

In the very press conference designed to squash fears of secrecy over, Hillary admitted today that she deleted 30,000 emails which she deemed personal. So she submitted the ones she wanted to submit. Congrats on your one presidential choice, Democrats. Without making strong statements on current issues, Hillary's detractors have a huge, negative history of impropriety they can pull from.

Wait--that's not fair!  Hillary also used her press conference as a way to condemn the 46 GOP Senators who wrote to Iran telling them not to accept Obama's deal on nukes. That's odd, since Hillary's traditionally been a friend of Israel--so speaking in favor of a deal with Iran is actually a telling change in her course. Which will change as much as it needs to to get her elected. Then the nation will guided by her convenience. Gee, I hope jobs and peace are convenient for her.

The GOP spreads ridiculous scandals about Hillary---Karl Rove wrongly claimed in 2012 that she'd suffered from brain damage after a fall. But the way she waited to have a press conference to deliver an excuse as odd as this doesn't make this seem like one of those faux scandals. I have no idea whether Hillary had anything to hide. But this late explanation and subsequent deletion of 30,000 "personal" emails makes it seem like she may.