March 10, 2015


If it was too cold to consider an outing to Chelsea's Luhring Augustine gallery until now, Charles Atlas's The Waning Of Justice closes 3/14 in just a couple days. A lady directing a commercial on the street just stopped me and told me it was the best thing she's seen in a gallery all year. (I know, it's only March.) But should you care to check out this exhibit of which I'm a part, here's a descrip of my part:

"There is a fourth companion piece, less immediate but nevertheless inextricable from the sensational meld that characterizes the exhibition. Titled Here She Is…v1, this video gives a soapbox to an exuberant and monumentally wigged drag queen, who with Southern charm rambles breezily but articulately through front-page topics ranging from trade agreements, to energy summits, to war profiteering. Though installed in its own room, this projection is clearly visible and audible from the anterior gallery, and its duration (just under twenty minutes) aligns exactly with that of the other pieces. With the dazzlingly cataclysmic sunsets and portentous musical soundtrack nearby bleeding into her performance, this improbable political commentator takes on a phantasmagoric presence: a talking head belonging to a world on a knife edge between utopia and dystopia. An absurd resolution comes by way of a lip-synced musical number, pumped loudly through all the galleries."