March 11, 2015


Let's continue this delusional dance. Let's have progressives urging Warren and Sanders to run so that we have the illusion of a choice. Let's have Joe Biden occasionally speak up to make us think that he might challenge Hillary. At least then she'd have someone other than herself to debate in the democratic "primary." Let's try to entertain any fanciful notion we can as the grim reality sinks in. Until it's too late. Let's keep thinking that someone will challenge Hillary. She's got 86% of the votes among democrats locked up. And no challenger's got the name recognition to amass the fortune which she she can. All the money she'll make in campaign contributions to represent everything we're sick off about government. Constant war, income inequality, funding Israel's aggression and governing for the corporations who've paid her. As McDonalds' employees just won a hard-won fight for higher wages, let's remember that Hillary was on the board of Wal-Mart for 6 years--one of the country's other employee abuser. Wal-Mart's 6 heirs own more than the bottom 40% of Americans. Despite a sorta recovery, CEOs have made record profits under Obama. Want that trend to continue? Vote Hillary. Because better than awful is still better. (But it's still awful.) Do I hear a bumper sticker?