March 11, 2015


Hillary Clinton's Email Problem Is Unsolvable by Jason Linkins for Huffpo:

"Obviously, the simplest thing for Clinton to have done would have been to open and maintain some sort of "" email account and conduct State Department business in that domain. Had she done so, there wouldn't be an issue. In fact, had she done so and simultaneously had a personal email account on the side, this still wouldn't be an issue, because most people would find the notion that Hillary Clinton is not allowed to have a private email account to be insane. But by commingling the two -- government and personal -- Clinton opened the door to this criticism, because we can't be sure by what rules Clinton follows to guide her decisions to archive or delete emails. Does she follow State Department guidelines, or her own whims?"

What I would ask is WHY Clinton opened the door to criticism and controversy with her emails? Why risk it? Is it because she prefers controversy over secretive, possibly deleted emails which could incriminate her so her privacy is easier to defend than what may have been in her emails? Or is another Clinton non-scandal that the GOP is trying to make hay over a la Benghazi? Or is this Hillary's way of gaining sympathy from those on the left who see her as being attacked, again, by the right? Would she rather be seen defending herself against improprieties than coming up with a platform for election? Could she not be bothered to care about yet another scandal because she's so convinced that she will run and win with no opponents? Or have we given up on transparency or our leaders doing the right thing so this seems a non-issue--since we don't trust any politicians? No issue was put to bed by her press conference.