February 02, 2015


Corporate predators want to call you … and call you, and call you and call you.

Big Business is lobbying the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to water down the Telephone Consumer Protection Act to allow “wrong number” robocalls to mobile phones.

And if Big Business gets its way, your privacy — not to mention your peace of mind — is at risk.

Don’t let the FCC weaken consumer protections.

Tell the FCC: No robocalls to cell phones without our consent.

Before auto-dialing your cell phone or sending you a text message, businesses by law are required to receive your permission.

You probably know what I mean by “auto-dialing” or “robocalling” — I mean the calls made by telemarketers, debt collectors and other aggressive, for-profit phone-based businesses.

Consumers who receive repeated or harassing calls from such companies can file complaints — and offending corporations can face hefty fines, especially if they ignore complaints from consumers they reach because they dialed a wrong number.

But the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Big Banks and debt collectors don’t want reckless businesses to pay fines when they harass consumers — and they don’t care if you receive call after call after call.

Make sure the FCC knows you want businesses to get your permission before calling your mobile phone.