January 31, 2015


You simply cannot pretend that Obama is a good guy who looks out for working Americans because he's pushing this TPP trade agreement. You've heard me rant about how it will kill jobs and other reasons why it's awful news, but maybe you'll believe former Labor Secretary Robert Reich's quick explanation. And if you don't care enough about jobs to watch this, then I'm sorry that your apathy is dragging the country down and good luck to you. It will affect you. So all of the progressive "i'm on offense" of Obama's last speech was his public face--screwing you in secret is what he's all about. Unless, you own a huge corporation. PS: Hillary Clinton also supports the TPP. Her husband was responsible for NAFTA which killed hundreds of thousands of manufacturing jobs.

So you have a democratic president and possibly the next president out to shaft workers in a secret trade deal that was written by lobbyists for huge corporations AND REPUBLICAN POLITICIANS, NOT DEMOCRATS, SUPPORT THE TPP. The people can't support it because it's top secret--legislators can go into a room and read it but not copy it--since the average American would not support it if they knew it's contents. The only things we know about it are through wikileaks. After two terms of Obama and his final push to give corporations more power and outsource more jobs and then Clinton--this country may never recover. I don't know what more proof you need to realize that Obama is actively working to shaft workers. Just because you don't hear about it on the news doesn't mean it isn't happening. Our news is funded by advertisers who are the huge companies this trade deal would benefit so this is getting little coverage.

Both Republicans and the current democratic president and next frontrunner for his job support screwing us. Time for a new party which supports workers. Which, last time I checked, most of us are. "Democrats" like Obama and Hillary have tainted their party for good and it's time to move on. And before you cry "But then the republicans might win!" They already have. They're just calling themselves democrats.