February 02, 2015


We don't have enough money to rebuild the crumbling infrastructure which both parties say we need, which would create the jobs that both parties say we need.

We don't have enough money to fund the switch to green energy that we desperately need to start yesterday to halt climate change.

We don't have enough money to have the almost free, government-run health care that they have from Cuba to Canada and all over Europe.

But we always have money for war. Often/usually for war against the very terrorists that we've helped to create--like ISIS. We laid the groundwork for their creation by destroying Iraq for no reason. And Bush's mistake cost us trillions and countless lives. As Obama is set to replace Attorny General Eric Holder, who declared upon taking office that impeachment of Bush and Cheney was off the table. So no desire to correct or acknowledge what is widely regarded as the US's biggest foreign policy blunder ever in which hundreds of thousands died for nothing other than our greed?

We've also got enough money to fund Israel's military aggression. No possible presidential candidate no matter how far to the left they are--even Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders--would even dare to suggest stopping that annual payment to Israel which makes muslims worldwide despise and attack us wherever they can.

But you can be proud, America. Because you're free! Free from any brains. Free from any connection to what is being done with the money you'll soon pay the government in taxes this April. (Unless, of course, you're also free from a job.) America, the Christian nation which kills! With a Nobel peace prize-winning president who now wants more money for war to fight the terrorism he helped create in secret drone wars which you don't even know or care about. We're on the right track--making no sense whatsoever! But as long as military oppression and mass murder are involved, we're good! How about killing less and helping more? Maybe even ignoring what's going on in faraway lands and focusing on US citizens' economic plight? Or is that just too crazy a notion?