February 02, 2015


Absolutely fascinating comments under this post, which is a pic of older male nudists protesting a new ban on nudity in San Fran. SF has a history of nudity and pretty sexual-themed bizarre street fairs where you will see everything from nudity to nipple piercing to pumped genitals. The city's newer, straight upscale residents are bringing up kids and don't want the "perversion" to be seen by them. Although as one commenter points out, nudity and positive body images can be seen as healthy.

In fact, because many of the older, permissive gay activists have been out priced from traditionally gay neighborhoods and now live in areas just outside of the city. So they can no longer serve on the boards which make these decisions to keep Folsom Street Fair, etc going. More prudish types can. What's next? Is there too much nudity in the gay pride parade for their precious brats who might be turned gay if they look up from their cell phones long enough to see a nude male? Not only is the the eradication of a sacred gay space like the Castro specifically and SF in general, but it shows what happens when one group makes a neighborhood fun or cool and then the duds attracted to that want to move in and squash what's fun about it. Kill all of it's flavor.

What really takes the cake about this post is a younger girl of color blogging this pic adds "File this under geriatric white privilege." Many of the commenters see this as an indication that Jezebel.com now sucks and point out how this is clearly ageist. And while I know white privilege exists, I've been to these festivals and seen men of color in the nude as well.