January 16, 2015


Free community college so that no one who wants to learn will be held back by no $.

Paid sick days like they have in many enlightened countries.

He already signed an executive order to protect LGBTs from discrimination at work.

Terrific! I think these changes which he's spearheaded will improve the quality of life for many people all over the country. For that, I wholeheartedly commend him. However, if he really wanted to make lives better for the average worker, why on earth is he secretly pushing a trade deal which will destroy US jobs by forcing them to compete with countries like Vietnam--where the minimum wage is 25 cents? It doesn't matter how many years of community college you can now afford, how many sick days you get, or what kind of discrimination you face at work IF YOU HAVE NO JOB BECAUSE THE TPP HAS HELPED TO OUTSOURCE IT!

So who is Obama? A man who is pro-worker or pro-corporations? Because the TPP was written by corporations and the White House. Members of Congress have limited access to it and Obama is trying ram it through in secret, without discussion. And loss of jobs, the way another democrat Bill Clinton cost the US manufacturing jobs with the trade deal NAFTA, is only one nightmare element of the TPP. It also gives corporations the right to sue a country if that country passes a law which cuts corporate profits. This is really creepy, especially since republicans are all dying to work with Obama on the TPP. Democrats in Congress are asking that it be open to discussion. Liberals claim that no one who knew what was in it would ever pass it if it were discussed. Obama spoke out against the Supreme Court's Citizens United decision which allowed corporations to give unlimited amounts to campaigns. Why is he now elevating corporations above countries if he didn't like the fact that Citizens United elevated corporation to share some of the rights of US citizens? There may be a really good reason and I hope you'll let me know what it is. But until I hear it that reason, it seems that Obama is talking out of both sides of his mouth.