January 14, 2015


Many have been angered by NYC cops turning their backs on Mayor Diblasio twice and then engaging in a work stoppage. Some cops by their coworkers' antics as well. have been angered as well.

DEMOCRACYNOW.ORG: There’s been about a huge drop in the number of arrests and tickets issued in New York City. Now, that’s begun to change now, finally, and those summonses and arrests are going back up. But there’s clearly been an attempt by the policemen’s union very much to almost—I don’t want to call it a coup, but it is an attempt to try to tell the mayor, a progressive mayor of New York, "You can’t run this city without us."

(Bunny note: I thought unions and progressives were friends.)

But now it turns out there is a huge dissension within the ranks of the police department itself. There was a—Pat Lynch had issued a letter asking cops to disinvite the mayor and the City Council speaker, Melissa Mark-Viverito, from any funeral in case they were killed in the line of duty. Only 4 percent of the cops have signed on to the letter.

Bunny note: This is great! 96% do not want to disinvite the mayor to police funerals, as Lynch has suggested out of spite. They want Lynch to handle their union business and and shut up about politics. And....

DEMOCRACYNOW.ORG: And, of course, it’s against the backdrop that the New York City Police Department now has a majority of minority officers, African-American, Latino and Asian officers. It’s not the same police department that existed 15 years ago when Lynch was first elected. And many of those officers are equally angry over the past practices of racial profiling, of stop-and-frisk arrests, and they, too, are demanding some kind of change. So, we’re going to have to see what happens, but clearly there’s not the kind of unity among the police against the mayor that has been portrayed so far in the press."

Bunny note: This is encouraging! Maybe this can turn around and reduce racial profiling. Maybe we are ready to start talking about arrest quotas and how the system can turn into a numbers game which encourages unnecessary or barely necessary arrests Don't hold your breath, but maybe!