January 14, 2015


That Mitt Romney is running for president in 2016.

I would never vote Republican, but at least they have a cockamamie ideology that they believe in to where they've had the gumption to announce several candidates. Democrats haven't even had the conviction or sense of purpose to announce one candidate. Though of course it's assumed that Hillary will run and win, because the democrats haven't begun grooming anyone else. And she has so little to offer that her finger's in the air to determine what sounds good to the most people at the right point to get elected and then do what they all do--reverse campaign promises and repay the mega-rich whose contributions enable them to win. Meanwhile, the news should be reporting on how badly dems are doing right now. Not trying to ascertain which GOP candidate will try and screw us. How about the flops who are screwing us right now? If the democrats weren't almost as pitiful as the republicans, why did they just lose the mid-terms? That same reason might cause them to lose to two-time GOP losers like Mitt. Yet "liberal" news like The Ed Show has to focus on who might be running in the other party because the democrats aren't cooking anything up appealing that anyone's enthusiastic about.