January 09, 2015


You may remember that the prosecuting attorney against the police officer who shot Michael Brown did something really odd after the verdict of not guilty. He made a long public speech addressing the details of the case, which rarely happens.

Now a juror on the case wants to speak out. Having heard many cases as a grand juror, the mystery, wannabe tell-all juror wants to note how different Brown's grand jury proceedings were handled much differently from the others in his session. But grand jurors are sworn to a lifetime of secrecy. If they spill the beans, they go to jail for a year. Yet this juror, with legal counsel, is considering jail time in order to address many discrepancies in the case--like unreliable jurors, a muddled presentation from the prosecutor, a focus more on the victim of the shooting than the police who killed Michael. "It also challenges, quote, "the implication that all grand jurors believed that there was no support for any charges" against Wilson."

Bow Michael Brown was not the "gentle giant" the media depicted him as. He'd just come from a robbery where he shoved the proprietor of the store and conflicting reports obscure whether or not Brown grabbed at the gun of the officer who shot him. I'd be very curious to hear the juror's side if they get to speak with immunity.