December 24, 2014


Just because I don't subscribe to any organized religion doesn't mean that I can't enjoy a festive holiday season! I love the way everyone's a little friendlier around Christmas--people are more likely than usual to smile and nod at a neighbor or hold open the door for a shopper with their hands full of packages. In that holiday spirit, I was in a coffee shop when a little girl fell down. It was rainy out, so I assume she slipped on some accumulation of water on the floor. But honestly, how could I possibly know what the poor thing slipped on? It's not I like I carry a bottle of oil in my pocket to sprinkle on the shoes of brats who take too long to order or anything. So when she fell, the counter help asked her mom "Is she ok?" and I quickly answered "Yes, I'm just fine. Thank you for asking!" Sensing their confusion and because I'm from the South and was raised right, I curtsied and skipped out the door humming a carol. I had to hurry right home and wrap my epileptic father's gift. He's going to have a fit when he sees that strobe light I got him again this year. Happy holidays to all!