December 22, 2014


Lat night at the Monster's Disco Sundays was a hoot. It's only from 6-10 and got off to a very slow start. But that just means that I can go a little more underground with gems like Taste Of Bitter Love by Gladys Knight and Let's Go All The Way by Brenda And The Tabulations. The regulars love that because you can only hear It's Raining Men so many times, and they've been around since the disco era. But then everyone started arriving and they didn't stop. Was wonderful to have Scott Wittman of Hairspray fame, Andy Cohen, Sarah Jessica Parker and her hubby pop in for a dance. Sarah has an intense personal magnetism and seems genuinely sweet, bopping around as a crowd gathered around her to ask for pics. SJP in a room full of gays cause them to ignore the hottest guy in the place getting onstage and masturbating--I had mine out stroking for an hour and no one noticed. Matthew Broderick seems like such a sport and at one point, I noticed him shaking hands with a butch dyke (possibly trans) who he may not know was a woman at all. She comes every week with her cute son! My next spot there is Sunday 1/4 (I'm the first and third Sundays of each month) with Mistress Michael Formika Jones, Greg Scarnici, Scotty Rox and the very funny Bob The Drag Queen performing each around 11PM. I hope you'll stop by--ya never know who'll turn up! But the music always has a joyous vibe and it is free so check it out one Sunday for a boogie.