December 21, 2014


I love how Republicans are lashing out against Obama for opening up relations with Cuba because of Cuba's human rights violations. So we should just keep the relations with Cuba the way they were, limited except for the military prison which Obama campaigned on closing but hasn't, and which has just come under fire for force-feeding prisoners and other torture? From treatment of Guantanamo inmates--many of whom were never even charged--to our drone strikes killing civilians all over the Middle East, the US doesn't have the moral authority to criticize another country's human rights violations. We killed over 100,000 Iraqis and displaced millions more in a war we should have never started, so our foreign policy is one of vicious terrorism. I don't know how on earth the hawks of the GOP now have the nerve to claim moral high ground.

I'm glad we're opening relations with Cuba and hope to visit one day. But I don't see it as "historic", the way MSNBC has been praising Obama as. It's just common sense: make up with your neighbors and have less enemies in the world since the rest of the world hates us due to our non-stop aggression. And there will be some benefits, though I'm baffled by the notion of of new friendship aiding Cuba's trade deficit. I've entertained several gentlemen callers of cuban descent and there is definitely no shortage of trade down there, honey!