December 18, 2014


This clip explains why I diss the Democratic party. I'd never vote Republican, but that doesn't mean that our only other choice of party makes any sense. Here's a perfect example. Democrats lost both houses of Congress in the recent mid-term election. They have only days to remain in power with a majority in the Senate. But instead of using those last few days of their time in power to confirm some of the 30 nominees Obama has put forward, they decide to break early for Christmas. These nominees may not be able to get confirmed after Christmas, because Republicans will have a majority in both houses. So they fritter away a golden opportunity to get work done and advance their and their party's and their president's agenda. As The Rachel Maddow Show so eloquently points out--IT MAKES NO SENSE! And as she suggests, Democrats should "cancel Christmas" and work every last second that they have a majority in one house.

While Rachel struggles to make sense out of something nonsensical, you're forced to realize: even though I'm pretty sure that most of the people on my page lean democratic, this proves that they're inept. The GOP agenda benefits so few, yet they are rabid in their party unity and ramming through their agenda. One thing on that agenda? Blocking everything Obama wants, including these 30 nominees. So when the Democrats have power, they fritter it away in a way that baffles a newscaster like Maddow who is on their side.

If you'd care to defend the Democrats, can you offer some sort of explanation? Are they lazy and just eager to enjoy time off for the holidays? Are they too stupid to seize this moment? Do they want Obama to fail because he's unpopular, and they can therefore distance themselves from him in their next election? Like Rachel, I'm mystified by this. If this is your party, can you please explain their actions? How can you get behind a party which has an opportunity, in the session of a hated, do-nothing Congress known for shutting down the government rather than passing legislation, and they go on vacation early knowing that confirming these nominees or passing anything else they were working on will be 10 times harder when they resume session. Or maybe they know what a few of us know: there is very little difference between the two parties. Obama is currently trying to appoint a financier who Republicans would love to head the Treasury Dpt., right after both parties have recently passed for the $1 trillion Cromnibus spending bill, which sets the stage for you and I bailing out giant banks with our hard-earned tax dollars as banks' CEOs make record profits. So we have a choice between blatant crooks like the Republicans, and slightly less open crooks like the Democrats.

For those of you who feel that Hillary Clinton was a better choice than Obama because she knows the inner workings of DC, this broken system government is what she knows how to work. And it's working very well for big banks, oil companies, war profiteers and Israel's defense budget. Too bad for average working Americans. We need a real choice and it won't come from the Democrats. I beg you to watch this clip to see what your party is actually up to. They can't even pretend to care when there's turkey with all the trimmings waiting for them at home. I beg you to watch this clip and offer me a defense of the Democrats' early vacation which throws away a golden opportunity for them to actually work for the American people. Until I hear such a defense, I'm as mystified as Rachel on this. I'm a life-long Democrat, but Independent Bernie Sanders is looking really good compared to where Democrats have gone to.


Clock ticks for Senate Democrats to confirm Obama nominees
Rachel Maddow points out that there are more Obama nominees awaiting confirmation than those scheduled to be addressed before the Senate leaves for the year, and wonders why Senate Democrats wouldn’t stay to get as much done as possible before 2015.