December 24, 2014


If you're looking for a last minute gift that's a little out of the ordinary but very pleasing, I have an idea. Yours Spa is In NYC on 255 W 18th Street between 7th and 8th Avenues. I've been going there for years because their massages are incredible and cheap--$54 for an hour and it includes your whole body from face to feet. People laughed at me when I posted about them before--asking if there was a happy ending or if I'm being paid by them to promote. Actually no, but small businesses are all closing in favor of giant chains and this little asian emporium of ecstasy is still thriving. But if we don't patronize them, they'll close. As far as the happy ending, this massage is more satisfying. I guess it qi-gong/tui-na style of massage. But they must include some sort of pressure point action as well. I never thought that having someone grind their thumbs into my feet would be pleasurable, but it unlocks something somewhere. Though it's only a few blocks from my home, I have had to take a cab home a few times because I was so relaxed that my eyes were rolling back in my head and my motor skills were so impaired that I could barely cross the street without getting hit. Of course, my work involves stress, girdles and high heels and carrying extra weight doesn't exactly soothe the lower back, so I'm a prime candidate for de-stressing. But we're all subject to stress and even if not, there is some heavenly mystery of the East going on at Yours Spa that I know most people would love a gift certificate to. And perhaps get hooked on them as I have.

The staff speaks very little english but is as responsive as they can be when you indicate that you want vigorous style or softer, or if you want them to concentrate on your neck and shoulders or lower back.

Or if you're in LA, try Euphoria Spa in West Hollywood: thai massage for only $25 an hour.