December 11, 2014


Remember the leadership provided by our nation's Surgeon General during the terrifying Ebola crisis? No, you couldn't have. Because we don't have a surgeon general at the moment. We haven't had one for quite a while. Legislators have blocked Obama's nominees for this position, and this fascinating article shows how even Democrats are now blocking Obama's latest nominee because they represent red states. And this nominee once tweeted about how guns are a health issue, and red states need their guns. So Republicans are trying to make a big deal out of the nominee's anti-NRA position and now Democrats wanting to lick NRA butt will now squash the president with their own party affiliation's nominee because of 1 anti-NRA tweet by him. But hey, at least Democrats and Republicans are working together--to prevent us from having a surgeon general.

I have not supported many of Obama's nominees. I don't even know that this Vivek Murthy is right for the job. But it is astonishing to see how poorly those who we elect and pay to represent us represent the NRA and other big businesses. This article is a perfect example.

SLATE.COM: How killing the filibuster has actually made it harder for red-state Democrats to vote for their own.