December 09, 2014


I know there are some of you who feel that Obama has been subjected to extreme insults and disrespect, and that he's been frequently blocked by the Republican party who vowed to kill all of his plans. You are right on both counts. But if you think that Obama is a good guy who is constantly being thwarted, you're dead wrong. This  one issue of the Trans Pacific Partnership proves where his heart lies: screwing American workers in favor of huge corporations. He is seeking to ram through a secret trade deal which would destroy American jobs. The fast-track process which Obama is trying to use to pass the TPP prevents debate, because as Ed notes, if the TPP were openly discussed, no one would support it. It would outsource jobs and further demolish American manufacturing.

Because they are spineless, Democrats mostly fall in line and support the TPP trade deal. It is only being opposed by a few progressive Democrats and a few tea partiers. I beg anyone who trust Obama or who has forwarded "Blame the black guy" memes to watch this and see what Obama is truly up to--shafting US workers and benefitting multi-national corporations. If you think otherwise, I beg you to watch this clip to see how fat the Democrats have been bought and sold. And kudos to Ed Schultz for even airing this. Most news TV news ignores Obama's diabolical plan because the multi-national corporations who would benefit advertise on our news channels.