December 07, 2014


Will Obama's legacy be action on climate change? Immigration? Coming to the aid of young black men who are gunned down by cops? Possibly, to some extent. But here's what our scummy president is actually gunning for in secret: pushing the Trans Pacific Partnership, a trade deal so rotten that it's biggest supporters are Republicans. A deal that was crafted by international corporations to screw American workers for decades. A deal that will enable corporations to sue countries for say, creating environmental laws which hamper those corporations ability to make money. When speaking about the TPP, Obama's eyes glaze over and he mutters actual gibberish about this trade deal making the US "more competitive."

Unlikely bedfellows in the tea party and a handful of liberals are denouncing the TPP. Some are simply begging for a trade deal this far-reaching to be made public, because as Ed Schultz pointed out on MSNBC--no one would support the TPP if they knew what was in it. That's why legislators are allowed to go into a room where the agreement sits and take notes--but a copy of it cannot leave the room. Sounds like something out of Hogwarts, not something a president who campaigned on greater transparency would shroud in secrecy.

 Democrats are in step among party lines and for the most part supporting the president in this attempt to screw workers. Please ask Hillary what she thinks of the TPP, if it isn't already rammed through by the time she announces her campaign. Obama is seeking to fast-track the TPP and has support on this from the GOP, who've vowed to obstruct any of his legislation. Just another sign, and a particularly frightening one, of how far Obama and today's Democrats have gone towards the right--leaving only the far left and the far right to oppose a trade deal which has been called "NAFTA on steroids." Why does Obama something so badly if it kills jobs? Because he's a corrupt @sshole just like Mitch McConnell and Hillary Clinton. Republicans and Democrats can't agree on anything--except screwing Americans in favor of the multi-national companies who they actually represent. And remember to ask Hillary, the presumptive heir who 57% of dummycrats support, what her position on this is. The two parties work very well together when it comes to benefitting corporations and green lighting defense budgets.

I dare you to watch this to see what your president is really up to. There is no defense for this, unless you own one of the huge multi-national corporation who it benefits.