October 14, 2014


VOX.COM: Sanders argued that his positions — critical of the wealthy and corporate power, supportive of campaign finance reform, skeptical of trade deregulation and cutting social services — had the support of most Americans. But, he said, more than half of the public remained politically apathetic. "60 percent of the American people are not likely to vote in the coming election," he said. "You think you can bring around change with that dynamic? You can have the best human being in the world in the White House fighting all the right fights, and he or she will fail."

In other words, America is uninvolved to deserve a qualified leader who could change USA's downward spiral. To have that, we'd actually have to turn off the television and figure out which politicians represent what. Bernie Sanders represents what many of us do want, but the few of us who vote based on ludicrous notions like which candidate we'd like to have a beer with or which candidate could represent a dynasty like the Kennedy or Bush or (hopefully not) Clinton dynasties. These are more important to us than actual policies that a candidate represents. And this is why we'll probably never wake up enough to elect a candidate who many of us actually agree on.

Many Americans vote based on who they think will win--as if it's a sports game. And many gays base their votes on vague notions, unrooted in fact, about how certain candidates have sympathy for their causes. Or even how candidates look. I'll never forget being picked up from the airport to do a benefit in Texas. This hispanic gay male actually hinted that he like the idea of Paul Ryan in the White House because he was hot. Most probably won't think Bernie Sanders is too sexy. But look at porn if you want hot. Look to Bernie if you'd like to see a man try to get this country back on track. None of the candidates are even announced yet--including him. But few are even mentioning this country's problems, much less planning on how to solve them.