October 09, 2014


Wouldn't this be an amazing thing for Obama to do?

NATION OF CHANGE: Wouldn't it be grand if the President called for a National Address, walked out into the East Room, stood at the podium, and said:

"My fellow Americans,

The recent diagnosis of an American in Texas with ebola has sparked a lot of news stories, wild speculation, and questions all over the country. Our doctors and scientists are doing great work in not only making sure that anything is contained, but that you have all the information. However, with so many sources of information the media is drawing from--the CDC, the National Institutes of Health, doctors at the various hospitals, and so on, it becomes important to have a national figure to help coordinate all of this and to present it to you with as little confusion as possible.

That job belongs to the Surgeon General of the United States.

However, currently there is no one in that position because Republicans in Congress, spurred on by the National Rifle Association, have refused to confirm my nominee for the position.  Now, more than ever, it is important we have this voice in place for the safety and security of all Americans.

Therefore, using the power granted to me under Article II of the Constitution, I am immediately recalling Congress to vote and immediately confirm my nominee to the post of Surgeon General. And they will stay in session until a Surgeon General is confirmed.

Thank you, and may God bless America."

Drops mic and walks off

Wouldn't that be amazing? But it would also be hypocritical, because it would suggest that Obama or any other president actually wants to protect us. I mean, the fool he appointed to the FDA to protect us from food and drugs, Michael Taylor, was a Monsanto chief, the firm which actively poisons most of our food. Some protection. And Susan Rice, who Obama appointed as National Security advisor, has a 6 figure investment in the Keystone pipeline that is making environmentalists shriek. Go down the list of Obama appointees. CIA director John Brennan is known as the "torture guy", crafted Obama's drone campaign and is a proven liar who was just caught lying about spying on Senate staffers who were investigating allegations of torture. John Kerry replaced Hillary as Secretary of State. When running for president, this fool presented himself as a peacenik who spoke out against Vietnam, and then turned hawk to try and whip us up into a war in Syria, which thankfully the American people rejected. While the rest of us struggle in a downward economy, many of the president's appointees and cabinet come from big finance and big oil. So Obama's record of appointing the wrong people with conflicting interests doesn't give me much hope that he'll take the advice of Nation Of Change and belittle Republicans, the NRA and Congress in general to address something as serious as a deathly epidemic. You see, that would be actual leadership.