October 09, 2014


Just got an email from Credo, a democratic Superpac who is concerned that: "If the election were held today, we (Democrats) would lose the Senate. So we need to donate ASAP. Here's why:
CREDO: "If the election were held today, we would lose the Senate.That’s what the polls say. And what you need to understand about the polls is that they will be right -- unless we make them wrong. Right now, CREDO SuperPAC organizers and volunteers are firing on all cylinders to turn out progressives who the pollsters don’t think will show up on November 4th. We can hold the wall -- we have to -- but we’re running out of time to overcome Republicans' slight lead. We need you now. Now it’s up to us to make sure we can deliver in these last few weeks."
Here's my problem with this. Americans are so badly burned that they are't enthused to go out and vote for Democrats. Probably not for Republicans, either. Neither party is serving them. Progressives, who this email is appealing to, are horrified that Obama is now a war-starting hawk and that his presumed successor, Hillary, is positioning himself as more hawkish than him. It's called the death of the Democratic party. What's the difference between the two parties? Not much. Of course, I think Republican are worse. But if both parties bring you war, both parties favor the rich and give tax breaks to them and huge corporations--where is the essential difference? Who, besides dark horses Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, are even addressing income inequality, much less coming up with solutions? This email from Credo mentions how important a donation is and getting dems elected to ensure abortion rights. Well, guess what? The ability to obtain abortions has disappeared in many areas like a huge swath of South Texas--even though it is technically legal, abortion providers can't gain access to certain hospitals. Where was the Democratic outcry when these laws were passed? Yet we hear their outcry over abortion pound and clear when campaign money is needed. Just as Democrats lead GLBT folks along with promises when they need $ and don't deliver. Instead, they have "an epiphany" like Obama had which translated to nothing except to make us think that he and the Democrats are on our side. I'm glad there's some semblance of church and state in this country, but it's too bad that the president's epiphany (i.e. carefully crafted talking point) didn't immediately become law. The only politicians who are on our side are the ones who need a vote. Once they get it, they switch sides and resume representing the corporations who elected them.
The bottom line is: Obama has disappointed many Democrats. Democrats in the famously "do-nothing" Congress act very swiftly when they need to allocate billions to the Pentagon or to Israel's defense fund. But protecting unions? Preserving unemployment benefits? Taking care of the people after they've fought in wars? Protecting eroding voters' rights which prevent seniors, minorities and students from voting? If you want us to get enthused that we turn out in record numbers and donate money to guarantee your success, THEN TRY DOING WHAT WE THE PEOPLE WANT WHEN YOU GOT ELECTED THE FIRST TIME! And for those of you with the constant shrug of defeat who say "Well, they're better than the Republicans," what you are really saying is that the USA doesn't deserve a party which represents most of America. We have two choices and one is awful, the other is bad. I reject the idea of having two bad choices. Don't you think you deserve better? Ya pay taxes, don't ya?