September 05, 2014


77 percent.
That's the number of New Yorkers who support raising the minimum wage, according to a Siena College poll.
SO IF 77% can't get out elected officials to do what we want, then our government isn't representing us.
But our minimum wage is still stuck at $8 an hour, and it's leaving 3 million people – our friends and neighbors – behind.
Today, fast-food workers in 150 cities went on strike for a higher wage. They’re organized, they’re determined – and their ranks are growing.
Will you stand with them? New York State has the opportunity to lift 3 million low wage workers, like those on strike today, out of poverty simply by raising the minimum wage.
Our state’s $8 minimum wage just isn’t enough.
Income inequality is worse here than anywhere in the country – and the gap widens every day as workers in fast-food restaurants, airports, car washes and grocery stores struggle to pay for basics.
Raising the minimum wage is about making sure that people who are working hard and playing by the rules can get by. It’s about reducing inequality – plain and simple.
Today’s strike shows how much momentum there is behind raising the wage.
This isn’t a protest, it’s a movement. The strength and collective action the workers are showing is unprecedented – and they need your support now.
Thanks for all that you do,