July 04, 2014


This puzzled me when I saw it on 5th Avenue a few days before NYC's gay pride day. It reads "A fashion model turned role model when she came out as a proud transgender woman. Together with Marriott, she's showing the world how love travels." You can find out more on their website. I'm glad that trans issues are so buzzworthy that trans people are being encouraged to come out and applauded on bus stops by Marriott. But why is Marriott supporting trans issues? Because it's in the news and the chain can look trendy and sympathetic by weighing in on it? Marriott is run by mormon money. In the bedside tables, they often have the Book Of Mormon next to the Bible. Mormons spent a fortune of their money, plenty of it from Marriott, to kill Prop 8 which would have allowed gay marriage in California. So I find it a little difficult to believe that suddenly they are supportive of transsexuals. Are they just using the trans community to make their chain look less hateful after they were called out on helping to kill gay marriage in CA and denying gay rights any chance they get? Did the Marriott and mormons suddenly have a change of heart? I don't think they have a heart.

It's great that they spread awareness about transsexuals in this ad campaign. But when you get a friendly vibe from them and patronize their chain, know what they are doing with that money. I don't think it's supporting equal rights for transsexuals, gays, lesbians, bisexual or anyone else mormons view as sinful perverts. I'm often mystified when I travel to perform at a gay club and they put me up in a Marriott. The long-running AIDS benefit Night Of 1,000 Gowns is held at the Marriott Marquis. Should the GLBT community stop handing our sworn enemies the money to buy political influence that they use against us? Are national gay organizations providing us with lists of who we shouldn't patronize, or are they too busy trying to get their events sponsored by these corporations to care?