July 04, 2014


Has anyone else noticed a dramatic change in how many ads are placed on every site--almost overnight? I'm getting MacSmart ads on weather.com, popping up on an online shoe store where the ads actually block the shoes they're trying to sell unless you close them, and even on my real email's inbox page--where they've added sound. Many of the Macsmart ads have added sound as well--frequently sounds which mimic iPhone sounds like the alarm or the one which indicates you have a voicemail. I guess we weren't noticing the subtler ads without sound, so now we get bombarded. But when you're trying to shop online or browse a site and you hear alarm sounds, it does grab your attention. Not in a good way. I normally think "Crap! What did I forget to do?" or "How did I miss that call--is my ringer off again?" And stop shopping or browsing to investigate. I don't expect services like hotmail or Facebook to be free of ads, but the really clueless thing is that the aggressive advertisers must not have that much profile info about me--or they wouldn't target me with ads for meeting asian girls or sports. Has anyone else noticed this in the last few days?

OK, maybe I shouldn't open up about this--but there's yet another disturbing trend. For the past two weeks, regardless of which city I'm in, I've woken up next to a series of homeless men who address me as "my little c#m guzzler." Anybody notice either of these two trends?