July 01, 2014


There's been a war going on against women's abortion rights for my entire life. And I'm not young. Most of my friends probably support a woman's right to choose as I do. But let's not even sweet talk this issue by calling it "a woman's right to choose." Let's call it what it is--killing an embryo that a woman, for whatever reason, does not want to grow inside her. How the hell are you going to tell someone what to do with her own body? Don't like abortions--don't get one! What is the objection? How on earth could you dream that based your interpretation of the Bible, which was written before abortions were possible, that you have the right to dictate what someone else does with their bodies because you choose to believe in one particular book of fairy tales? I don't care how strongly you believe it, if this country truly prizes the separation of church and state, religious objections to abortion should be discussed in church, not in any legislature. Do you want antiquated Christian beliefs to dictate what you can do? Gays--do YOU? Then go ahead and hang yourselves. Be very careful before you legislate religion. The faith-based community needs to catch up with the fact-based community.

You know that Republicans got into Congress in the last mid-terms with the slogan of job, jobs jobs. Got into office and immediately introduced tons of anti-abortion bills. They are the do-nothing Congress which can't pass any legislation, but all the Republicans and some Democrats are laser-focused on passing new abortion restrictions. The GOP cares about nothing but money. They don't give a crap about abortion rights. They just know that backward fundamentalists will vote for them if they promise to ban abortion--which might as well be banned now since so many clinics have closed down that it's tough to get one. Don't you remember that the evangelicals were so betrayed that George W. Bush didn't act on any of his promises to them that they had to re-group to see if they really want to support the GOP after all? Maybe you don't remember that. But do you remember that besides abortion, what other "sinful" folks do fundamentalists despise the most? Gays. Now I know this is crazy--but maybe gays should stand with women who want the right to have abortions? That just might be a blow to religious nuts who oppress gays as well. Discredit our oppressors--ummm, that might mean our freedom. Without the Bible and it's numerous interpretations to hide behind, these sanctimonious simpletons would be forced to admit that they're just full of hate. They don't just want to ban abortions. They want to place women under a man's thumb. And do lord knows what to gays if they had their way.