July 18, 2014


While I despise hashtags, this make an excellent point. I wonder how mush less the offshore holdings or the deficit would be if corporations actually paid taxes like us little people do. I wonder how many Fortune 500 companies pay any taxes at all? Some huge corporations make zillions and pay $0 in taxes. I know that GE, which owns MSNBC, was paying about 1/5th of it's taxes a few years ago. Maybe that's why MSNBC can't bring itself to broadcast the biggest news story: neither party represents working people. Both parties jump through hoops to satisfy the wealthy and corporations which have bought them off with campaign contributions. So if income inequality matters to you, you'll get none of that from either major party. Not Hillary and not even Elizabeth Warren. The government, which is supposed to represent us, is actually our oppressor.

I don't know how bad things have to get for you to realize that you're being oppressed by those you are tricked into electing, but it would seem like more people whose dreams have been smashed and who now just pray for solvency would be ready to snap. But we're so distracted by things we obsess about for a moment--Nigerian girls missing or Syrian children being gassed--that we never can focus on how badly most of us are doing. With no signs of improvement.