July 17, 2014


We were horrified by the footage of injured and dying kids in Syria who’d been gassed—so horrified that the Obama administration tried to attack Syria despite the whole country’s weariness of war.

We were horrified by kids getting shot at Sandy Hook but we can’t get any legislation passed to limit magazine sizes—not even to a smaller magazines which would prevent massacres like the ones in our schools, movie theaters and military bases.

We are horrified by the plight of immigrant children from Central America fleeing violence, murder and rape that they face in their own countries.

We are horrified by sex trafficking of children and child pornography.

We are horrified when Obama kills innocent US citizens in their teens with drone strikes in Yemen. And kills children in Pakistan.

We are horrified by the conditions of sweat shops that children endure in many countries as we wear the clothes made in the sweat shops.

Many of us are horrified by abortion which terminates children before they are even children.

But we aren’t too concerned about the kids in Detroit whose water has been shut off and are being told to “drink til it hurts.”

Did your news not show this? Do you consider yourself a Christian? Are you struggling so hard that someone else's nightmare seems petty to you? I am truly reaching to understand why the news that people don’t have water in the US isn’t causing more of a stir. It’s summer. It’s hot. You get thirsty. And you drink some water. Unless the government has shut yours off, as it has for many families unable to pay for it after an increase in water rates in a bankrupt city.

Obama was asked for help weeks ago but is too busy trying to secure $3.7 billion to insure that the refugees from Central America are looked after. Can you please sign this petition which asks him to declare Detroit a public health emergency? If you care more about who was let go from The View than kids without water in the summer, maybe you are what’s wrong with this country. You’re well-versed in bullsh(t and generally claim to be horrified when children are endangered in any of the above ways, yet you probably won’t sign a petition to help children in Detroit get water.