December 02, 2013


Congrats to Billy Porter and Harvey Fierstein! That's one way to shut up a controversy in an easy and fun way--go muthaf#cking shopping! Okay, gurl? Despite the show's wholesome themes of cooperation, tolerance and friendship, Twitter and Facebook quickly lit up with Americans decrying the performance of the musical's flashy finale "Raise You Up/Just Be" as unwholesome and unfit for the holiday parade broadcast. Rather than be cowed by the controversy, however, the show's Tony-winning star Billy Porter and some of his cast mates marched over to Macy's the day after their performance in the parade and proceeded to do some Black Friday shopping. The kicker? Almost all of the male actors were outfitted in their sky-high stiletto boots and Porter was in full drag. “You have to start a dialogue,” the musical’s co-creator Harvey Fierstein told Page Six while shopping with the show's actors. “And you can’t have a dialogue unless someone says something first. It takes actual work to open up [people’s] minds.” MORE: HUFFPO AND HERE'S THE CHEAPEST PREVIEW OF THE SHOW, IN CASE YOU'RE THINKING OF GOING!