December 01, 2013


Here's video of Lady Gaga and RuPaul performing her new song Fashion on The Muppets. I'm not really a Gaga fan, but this new song is appealing. It doesn't feature as many of the dark, industrial synths she's known for so the song actually has a lilt to it instead of that heavy, disturbed sound. It even has a piano intro, nice chords, cute medium tempo and a bass line. It's musical! Cute idea to use Ru to do a little runway because I can't imagine how Gaga can walk too much in those massive heels. She does dance in them, though, which I give her credit for. Maybe she didn't want Ru to dwarf her, cuz Miss RuPaul is taller than most drags, much less women. I guess a cynic could say that one of the song's hooks, "looking good and feeling fine" is reminiscent of RuPaul's release of a few years ago "Looking Good, Feeling Gorgeous". But if I knew nothing of Gaga's history, the accusations of plagiarism, the trying too hard with the outfits to the point where her outrageousness overpowers the quality of her music as it did on her last album and I'd just heard this song without knowing who it was, I'd like it. Maybe it's not artpop, any high concept or whatever, but a pleasant song. And while I roll my eyes at many of her looks, this one is so wacky that I have to give her points. It isn't flattering on her at all, but it is nutty. And eccentric pop stars are better than dull ones. Not every one should look like Taylor Swift!