November 29, 2013


This petition is something else, but I signed it. How insane is it that a war-weary nation is asked to sign a petition urging a likely candidate for future president urging her to weigh in favorably on peaceful negotiations with Iran? Negotiations set in motion by the very administration she just left. Hillary was one of the many snakes in Congress who showed extremely poor judgement in agreeing with George W. Bush and voting to attack Iraq--for absolutely no reason. At least Obama distinguished himself in the Senate by voting against that war. Now he's attempting to negotiate with Iran and a prominent group like feels the need to press Hillary and get her position on record. The people don't war, yet we have to beg our representatives and likely future representatives for peace. TO do what we want as opposed to what they're going to do anyway. That's very tragic. "Most prominent Democratic politicians have not praised the deal" indicates how far the Democrats have become hawks just like the Republicans. Is Hillary's game plan for winning the White House positioning herself as further to the right than Obama? Then why not just run as a Republican if you're gonna act like one? MOVEON.ORG: "This Thanksgiving, I'm thankful that the United States and Iran are not at war. I'm thankful that President Obama fulfilled his campaign promise to aggressively pursue diplomacy with Iran, making sure that all peaceful means are exhausted to reassure the international community that Iran will never try to build a nuclear weapon. I'm thankful that Secretary of State John Kerry put his reputation on the line to work aggressively to get a deal. I'm thankful that those efforts have been successful in producing an interim deal that opens the way to a comprehensive agreement, due not only to the work and commitment of President Obama and Secretary of State Kerry, but to the Iranian people for electing a new leadership determined to try to improve relations with the West. And I'm thankful to all the Americans who worked to elect President Obama on a platform of pursuing diplomacy. Predictably, Republican warmongers like Lindsey Graham are attacking the deal. Unfortunately, with some noteworthy exceptions like California Senator Dianne Feinstein, most prominent Democratic politicians have not praised the deal, even though polls show the American people back the deal overwhelmingly. Perhaps some of these Democratic politicians are more concerned about retaining the campaign contributions of warmonger interest groups like AIPAC than they are in representing the opinions and interests of the majority of Americans. In particular, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has been quiet. This is odd, because when there was a possibility that the U.S. would bomb Syria, Hillary wasn't shy to endorse the bombing. If Hillary would endorse the deal now, it would make a major contribution to peace. Lindsey Graham can complain all he wants, but in order to undermine President Obama's diplomacy with Iran, the warmongers need to recruit key Democrats to their side, like New Jersey Democrat Robert Menendez, chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee. If Hillary endorses the deal, the political space for right-wing Democrats to undermine the deal will close. Urge former Secretary of State Clinton to endorse the deal with Iran by signing our petition:" SIGN: MOVEON.ORG