November 10, 2013


Thanks to Ohio's Sherrod Brown for acting like a true progressive democrat. While others (including Obama) are discussing how much we should cut from Social Security, Sherrod Brown boldly says: EXPAND IT! Don't include something broke, old people need now more than ever. Don't yank away the safety net you've promised them their entire lives in a time of recession. If we're lucky, we're all gonna get old. (And yes that was my sly attempt to try to lump myself in with those who have yet to get completely over the hill. Did it work? Don't answer that!) This is also smart politics. While I despise the Republican agenda, that party is so outrageously bold that they'll gladly shut down the government, have our credit rating dropped or whatever it takes to get their rotted agenda accomplished. They're ruthless and they stick together with a clear agenda. Unlike Obama's constant reaching across the aisle to a party which doesn't even believe he was born here. Did it work in his first term? Well, it ain't gonna work in his second term either. And voters identify and trust politicians with strong stances even if they disagree with their stance--as Chris Christie just proved in New Jersey. He's an attack dog who'll fight for what he believes in. It's more appealing than someone without clear convictions. Now that Republicans have record low numbers in the polls because they just shut down the government with demands so pitiful that they were forced to give them up, why not seize this moment to denounce the whole party as bad for the country and reckless? LOUDLY AND OFTEN AND VICIOUSLY. Just how they'd capitalize on any failures that the Dems are responsible for, from the glitches in the Obamacare roll-out to the perceived failure in Benghazi. Republicans actually are calling that Benghazi-Gate when it wasn't that big of a deal unless you watch and believe watch Fox News. Then take the argument out of the GOP playing field of how much we cut and say DON'T CUT YOU CUT A DAMN DIME FROM SOCIAL SECURITY. EXPAND IT! Just as Sherrod Brown says in the clip below. Most Americans don't want to cut Social Security, including many Republicans. We rely on it now more than ever. So use this moment to say "We want to expand Social Security, so we would certainly never dream of cutting it, you freaks!" Then even if you don't get the program expanded, it might not get cut at all. It's called bargaining. And showing the majority of voters who don't want cuts who will fight against cuts so that Democrats can actually seem to have a clear-cut and popular agenda. Why wouldn't Democrats think of this themselves? Maybe because these blue dog Democrats, conservative Democrats, corporate Democrats or whatever you want to call the kind of Democrat that Obama is, actually would tamper with cutting the social safety net. And has already offered cuts like Chained CPI, which puts democrats in a hideously weak bargaining position. Why are only progressive democrats like Sherrod Brown talking about this? Because many Democrats seem to enjoy caving so much that they barely seem like Democrats any more. Maybe it's time for the true progressives who're in line with what most Americans want on so many issues from gun control, single payer health care, legalizing weed, stopping the US's role as world police, making the wealthy and corporations pay their fair share in taxes, to ZERO cuts to Social Security--to progress beyond the creaky democratic party which clearly no longer serves us. Or sit and enjoy being robbed by your elected officials of $ you've already earned. The sad thing is, this petition leads to a donate page after you've signed it. We have to pay to ensure that we don't get robbed. Classic. WATCH SHERROD GO! BLODPROGRESSIVES