November 09, 2013


Wait! You mean we could actually raise money by getting huge corporations which we all use daily to pay their fair share in taxes AND that additional revenue could be used to create jobs? I dunno...maybe just crazy enough to work! Nice to see a democrat acting like one, but I guess when you represent a state whose capitol is bankrupt, you get creative? Or fair, as I like to call it. PETITION READS: Big multinational corporations like Apple and Microsoft are dodging their taxes by shifting jobs, profits and operations overseas. 

 Sen. Carl Levin (D-MI) has a plan to close these corporate tax loopholes and raise $220 billion in revenue over 10 years – money that we can invest in jobs, schools and ending cuts to vital services like Food Stamps and Head Start.1 Will you help us hit our goal of 35,000 citizen cosponsors for the Stop Tax Haven Abuse Act? Together we can stop the cuts that are devastating working families and communities across the country by making huge corporations pay their fair share of taxes and ending special tax loopholes that subsidize shipping American jobs overseas. With the country reeling from sequestration cuts, we need to raise revenue to invest in prosperity for all. Click here to add your name as a citizen cosponsor. American small businesses that pay their fair share are the ones subsidizing large corporations that dodge taxes and ship jobs overseas. If we care about seeing "Made in the USA" again, we need to level the playing field by fixing the rigged system that only benefits huge global corporations with their armies of accountants and lawyers.

 In order to invest in an economy that works for all, we have to make big corporations play by the same rules as the rest of us. Add your name to the Stop Tax Haven Abuse Act so we can invest in well-paying American jobs right here at home. SIGN: USACTION.ORG