November 05, 2013


Just when you thought the gay mainstream movement couldn't get any more establishment-oriented, there's this depressing news. I wish more gays understood the relationship between themselves and other oppressed peoples. Now that gays aren't as oppressed as they once were, we're now free to step on others who are more oppressed? A PAPER BIRD: HRC and the vulture fund: Making Third World poverty pay for LGBT rights The Human Rights Campaign (HRC), the largest US gay organization, is going international. It’s just been given at least $3 million to spread the word of marriage equality to benighted countries that treat gays badly. Unfortunately, there’s a catch. Its chief partner and donor in this project wants the people in those countries, LGBT folk included, to starve – their economies wrecked, their incomes shipped abroad, their resources squeezed and stolen to pay off odious debt. HRC is receiving its money for gay rights in the Third World from the man who “virtually invented vulture funds”: a form of speculation that’s one of the worst contributors to Third World poverty ever. MORE: PAPER-BIRD