November 09, 2013


We love to mindlessly wave a flag and bleat "Support the troops!" while the politicians we vote for plot to slash veteran's benefits. I would imagine that veterans would prefer a larger check every month than any flag-waving or parade where we pretend to honor them when it's quick and convenient and then ignore politicians who want to make their lives harder after we're done with their services. It's sick. PETITION: This weekend, across our nation we honor our Veterans, but there are some in Washington who are plotting to cut the benefits that they have earned. In addition to cutting our Social Security benefits, the chained CPI is a cut for those who currently receive Veterans benefits or will receive them in the future. In fact, the chained CPI benefit cut would double hit Veterans who receive Social Security. Email your Congressperson and tell them to honor those who have faithfully served our nation by rejecting all cuts to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and Veterans benefits. Any cut to Social Security would heavily impact the 40% of veterans who rely on the Social Security benefits they earned. But the chained CPI would not only cut Social Security benefits—it would also cut Veterans Disability Compensation, Military Retirement Pay and Veterans Pension. That means that a disabled veteran would receive tens of thousands of dollars less in benefits that they have earned with their sacrifice. Tell your Congressperson that veterans have sacrificed enough—Tell them to reject all benefit cuts to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and Veterans benefits. Our Veterans deserve a cost-of-living formula that accurately reflects the costs they face. The people who rely most on Social Security—the elderly, disabled and veterans—spend more on health care than the general population, and those costs have been rising rapidly. That’s why Congress needs to listen to the people and implement the more generous CPI-E, which puts the cost of living formula in line with what Social Security beneficiaries actually spend their benefits on. Stand with Veterans—Stand against all benefit cuts to Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and Veterans benefits. SIGN: WIREDFORCHANGE