September 05, 2013


FRAN LEIBOWITZ ON A RECENT BOOK TOUR: On NYU’s Student Body: “The worst thing about being around these people, about these students, is overhearing their conversation. For that alone, I walk around my neighborhood in a constant rage, thinking I want to say to them: No, no you’re not. NYU should move out of New York. A campus is a suburban entity.“ On Michael Bloomberg: “I said actually to Michael Bloomberg, ‘I never thought I’d have the chance to vote against you three times.’” On New York’s Lack of Affordability: “Whenever people say ‘I can’t really afford to live in New York,’ I say ‘No one can afford to live in New York! You just stay here and as long as you’re not in jail, you’re living in New York. You have no idea how you paid all this rent. If you add up all your rent from 1968, you realize you can be like, a prince from Dubai. How did you pay this? You don’t know. The entire time I lived here, I lived inside. It’s an amazing feat! I don’t know how I did it. I don’t. I don’t know how you do it. Neither do you.” OBSERVER.COM