September 04, 2013


Did you hear what the protesters who were ordered out of the Syria hearing today were screaming? The first yelled that Americans don't want this war. And she's right: the polls claim that between 50-59% do not want to bomb Syria. So why do our elected officials want what the people don't? The second protester was screaming about the US using white phosphorus in Iraq. You see, John Kerry's central argument hinges on Assad's use of sarin gas on his own people. The use of this chemical weapon, he and Obama claim, is the red line which "forces" Obama to attack Syria. Obama feels his hands are tied. Once Assad crosses that line and gases his own people, forget it. Purportedly, the US cannot maintain it's position as a moral authority by sitting back and allowing such atrocities occur without acting in defense of the victims. Kerry was claiming that since chemical weapons were outlawed 100 years ago, only two other tyrants had dared to use this type of cruel attack. (He later changed that to three, didn't he?) BULLSHIT! He conveniently forgot to mention that the US has used white phosphorus, depleted uranium, nerve gas and mustard gas in Iraq. Not the kind of mustard gas you got after eating that bad hot dog on Labor Day. The bio-chemical weapon in the same category as sarin. Have a look at the effects of US attacks on Fallujah, Iraq. US forces first lied and claimed that the white phosphorus was used to light up the night. They later came clean. As a result of US chemical warfare, more kids in that area have developed leukemia than in Vietnam. And local young women are afraid to get pregnant because of the many freakish birth defects: kids born with intestines outside their bodies, multiple eyes and brains outside of their heads. So I guess it just depends on which tragic pictures of children pictures you see. Syrian kids gassed by sarin (we think) or Iraqi kids sickened and deformed by US chemical weapons. But regardless Kerry/Obama's central reason to bomb Syria is a lie: the US not only tolerates the chemical weapons, it uses them. The idea that the US could or should have the moral authority to police the world and punish any nation using chemical weapons is as ludicrous as the US dictating which countries can have nuclear weapons. We're the only country that's after fired nukes! I watched most evening coverage on our "liberal" news MSNBC and there was hardly any mention of the protesters. Peace is a very dangerous notion to warmongers who even program our "liberal" news.