September 04, 2013


I can't believe that some people are saying that my hatred Obama is getting "tired." Listen, I don't hate Obama any more than I hate any other warmonger. I voted for him twice because I thought he stood for ending the wars we were in. What I hate is the direction my country is going in and he happens to be the president who is leading us into war. If someone who doesn't want us to repeat the foreign policy mistakes we made in Iraq which cost us a fortune and will create generations of terrorists to come is tired, then I am not just tired, I'm f#cking exhausted! Maybe those terrorists won't attack the area you live in, but they've already attacked mine on 9/11. What's truly tired is your apathy and refusal to learn from our past mistakes. Not questioning the government when they want to go to war has worked out so well in the past, hasn't it? So believe the garbage on the news. I'll thank you for your non-existent efforts when "surgical strikes" Syria develop into WW3. I guess peace has gone out of style for sheeple and the war-loving bastards who lead them. Peace is now "tired" and dissent is now frowned upon in a country which was founded on it. But you're wrong: peace is not a trend which grows tired. It never goes out of style.