September 04, 2013


Obama hasn't done a lot for this country. I know he staved off a full-scale depression and we settled for a deep recession instead. We got insurance reform which many see as a gift to the insurance companies. But few things domestically have actually improved. I know he inherited a mess from George W. Bush, but at what point does Bush's mess become Obama's mess if in his second term we are seeing little improvement for the average worker? Even many staunch Obama supporters are dismayed by his heavy use of drones and the alarming extent of the NSA spying on average people. Obama's strong suit was alway foreign policy. He ended (sort of) the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq and killed Osama Bin Laden. Now he's going to blow it on his one strength and start a war which most of us don't want to get involved in. At what point do you stop supporting a failure of a president? Do you wait until Assad has been toppled in Syria and the ensuing chaos forces the US into a decade-long conflict because our principled country could never dare "cut and run"? You learned nothing from a strikingly similar situation in Iraq which was widely regarded as a huge, costly foreign policy mistake which let the world know that the people of the US could easily be tricked into attacking and occupying a country which never attacked us? Or do you rise up against Obama in the name of peace before we drop our "humanitarian" bombs on another muslim nation? Are you, like Obama, so desperate for more war that you don't even want to wait for UN inspectors to determine who used how much sarin in Syria? (Clear evidence has yet to be provided by the US, possibly because it doesn't exist as Iraq's WMD never did.) Obama just got voted back into office selling a platform of peace to a war-weary America. Suddenly you're gung ho about war a several months after the election? I just don't get it. Could it be that you're too manipulated by the rubbish known as our news media to even see what's really going on? That "news" is owned and receives ad revenue from the same giant corporations who profit from war. It isn't in their economic interests to sell you the truth about Syria. Overnight, the Senate has already drafted their to support more war. Seriously? Did they even wait for the classified briefing they're receiving today? So it's official: neither your elected representatives in the Senate or president represent the wishes of most Americans. Funny how Congress has been a laughing stock which can't get anything done for years now. But dangle war in front of them and they'll even cut their vacations short to rush into approving military strikes. I sure wish they were that effective on job creation, rebuilding our crumbling infrastructure, higher taxes on the rich, eliminating corporate tax loopholes, stricter gun control laws--you know, the stuff most Americans actually do want legislation on. But look on the bright side. Gays now can openly serve in the military conflict that over half of us don't understand and don't even want to start. And to be fair, the military does create jobs. They're just dangerous jobs which can end in injuries, PTSD or death. Did I forget to mention the record number of military suicides which just keeps rising despite aggressive prevention efforts? We see a lot of horrific pictures of injured Syrian children on the news. We see no images of wounded and killed American soldiers because if we saw the horrors of war, we'd be less likely to support it. "Out of sight, out of mind" doesn't jive very well with "support the troops." You have a voice. If you're one of the Americans who does not support war, wants to wait on more concrete evidence of sarin use or just feel no threat from Syria and prefer to do as Obama himself claimed he'd do in the last campaign and focus on this country's troubles at home, now is the time to contact your representatives to say however you feel. They've plainly forgotten who the very people they're supposed to be representing. We don't have bribes to offer them like the defense contractors but we still have a voice and a vote. Please use yours to contact them now before it's too late.