September 01, 2013


Just saw NBC newsmodel Ann Curry on Meet The Press discussing the horrors that Syrian children are going through due to the civil war there. The segment was called The Toll Of War, and it warned of a possible "lost generation" of Syrian children. Doesn't that sound horrible? But it's pure propaganda designed to tug on your heart-strings and make us support US military action in which we are joined by no one--not even our main allies in the UK want to dirty their hands with us as they did in Iraq. But how do we reduce the toll of war with more...WAR? Call it surgical strikes or whatever you want, it's WAR. Once we light that powder keg, suddenly we'll start hearing that it doesn't matter if the attack was started for the wrong reasons, the noble US can't just "cut and run." So how about this? Let's not "cut" in the first f#cking place!
And when are you going to realize that the US isn't the good guy and that no one except brainwashed Americans think that the US attacks other countries to help them out. Everyone else sees us for what we are: terrorists who occupied Iraq to "help" that country get out from under the thumb of the "bad man" who lead them. We destroyed that country leaving hundreds of thousands of Iraqis dead and millions who fled their country which we left in tatters after deposing their leader. That's the kind of military "help" the US offers. We created a "lost generation" in Iraq. So please tell me why Obama, Ann Curry and others think that the US should be honestly concerned about a possible "lost generation" in Syria?