August 30, 2013


Ignoring Congress, the people he represents, the UN and international skepticism, Obama forges forward in attacking Syria and even earns cowboy comparisons to link him to the last president from Texas who crapped all over the middle east and shattered our economy in the process. What a legacy! May I please sacrifice my social security so that you Obama can enrich war profiteers ith more battles we don't understand? Do you think Obama's secretary of state Hillary will be any different? Back when they were both senators, she was more hawkish than Obama and voted for the Iraq war when he voted against it. It was all a ruse to make him seem liberal so that we'd vote for him as a reaction against Bush. Sadly, it worked and eternal war is his true goal. The democratic party is dead. We have one party and it wants war. Time to look at 3rd party candidates and stop squawking that they can't win. They want peace, you want peace. So why can't they win? Because you prefer to discuss Miley Cyrus than find a candidate who wants peace?