August 30, 2013


US AND UK: The same turds that lied to us and ganged up on Iraq for no reason are now heading to Syria with unclear reasons and a murky agenda. 79 lawmakers in Congress voted to make Obama wait until they are back from summer recess to make any decision--as the executive branch is supposed to--but the Nobel Peace Prize winner wants blood. Um, I mean to protect Syrian rebels. Obama is a corrupt and dishonest hawk just like George W. Bush. And all of you who've been bleating SUPPORT THE TROOPS for a decade have built up the executive branch's credibility by never coming to terms with the fact that your misguided patriotism sent young men and women to die in Iraq for no reason. If you'd spoken out against our presidents' lying to us instead of chanting mindlessly in support of any military action whatsoever, we might be in a better position to force our "leader" to avoid strikes in Syria which most of us don't want or even understand. How did this warmonger Obama have the nerve to speak at a rally commemorating the peace-loving Martin Luther King this past weekend? Sounds like the british are wising up. I doubt if americans will. Even as our elected officials clamor to cut our social services to give them bigger budgets to screw around in the middle east to create a new generation of terrorist to come ovr here and sting us. Reap what you sew! HUFFPO: If the British Can Stop Their Government From Waging War in Syria, Why Can't We? Today, once again, it feels like we're being herded into supporting a military action in Syria that will end up, like the Iraq War, making the world an even more dangerous place than it is now. Then, as now, we see influential journalists tripping over themselves to fall into line. The British parliament's vote against going along with the United States' attack on Syria is a direct result of that country's attempts to come to terms with the lies of the Iraq War. Unlike the United States, the people in the United Kingdom forced their government to convene a commission where former Prime Minister Tony Blair and other Iraq War luminaries were asked some uncomfortable questions. (When was the last time you saw George W. Bush or Dick Cheney grilled for their roles in fomenting the Iraq War?) The vote in the U.K. shows that there are just enough people there who have apparently wised up to make a difference and aren't willing to let their elected representatives hoodwink them into another precipitous military action based on dubious "intelligence." MORE: HUFFPO