August 30, 2013


SINCE OBAMA HAS PROVED THAT LIKE THE REPUBLICANS, DEMOCRATS NOW REPRESENT SENSELESS WAR, IT'S TIME TO DITCH THEM. The American people don't want war. 3rd parties CAN win when you support them. Do nothing and we'll get Obama's successor Hillary for more of the same. Check out this platform: do you agree? I don't know what else the Green Shadow Cabinet stands for, but they got the US position on Syria right. Since both major parties represent the same eternal war and economic downturn, give them both the boot! Unless, of course, all you care about is gay marriage. But guess what? A truly liberal party supports that and peace. Now what's your objection to ditching a party which doesn't represent you? Too lazy to care? Too lazy to wade through our mainstream media's lies in support of war to see the truth? I supported Obama because it was easier to take the path that everyone was laying out for me. And I'm feeling very guilty right now. At least be open to the discussion. It isn't a 3rd party if our two major party represent the same crap.
"More than one hundred Members of Congress have written President Obama reminding him that the Congress has the constitutional authority to begin a war, not the president. We urge the Congress not to authorize war against Syria as there is no military solution to the political conflict in Syria and the unintended consequences of a military attack in that region are unpredictable. The United States is in no position to claim moral authority with regards to using weapons condemned by the international community. The U.S. is responsible for the slaughter of millions of innocent victims through the use of weapons condemned by the rest of the world. These weapons have included the atom bomb, Agent Orange, white phosphorus, napalm, and depleted uranium. To this day, the United States refuses to sign on to treaties banning the use of landmines and cluster bombs. These particular weapons are responsible for killing and maiming well over one million civilians. In fact, the U.S. has just struck a deal to sell Saudi Arabia $640 million worth of cluster bombs. It is clearly immoral to kill innocent people, and it makes little difference if a bullet, a chemical, or radiation killed the person. If we as a nation wish to regain some moral authority, we can begin by renouncing the use of weapons banned by the international community. We should destroy our own stockpiles of chemical, biological and nuclear weapons. Further, the United States should join the International Criminal Court and live within the rule of law. Major media outlets seem to be fanning the flames of war while failing to ask even the most basic questions about the legality, morality, or effectiveness of an attack on the sovereign nation of Syria. If President Obama launches an attack without prior explicit authorization by Congress, he will have committed an offense worthy of impeachment. If he launches an attack without authorization from the UN, he will be guilty of war crimes. The Green Shadow Cabinet insists in the strongest possible terms that the Obama administration refrain from military actions against Syria. This Cabinet calls on the people of the United States to rise up in marches, rallies, pickets, and non-violent direct action where possible and necessary in order to confront the Obama administration as well as Congress and the major news media. We must stop the rush to war, and we must demand respect for the laws of this democratic republic and the treaties we have signed." PLEASE READ THE REST: GREENSHADOWCABINET