July 25, 2013


"Dressed in a white shirt and yellow tie, Weiner arrived at a college near City Hall for a hearing about public housing. His press secretary had surprise cupcakes for members of the media. But they had a surprise for Weiner, too. Standing next to a New York Post photographer was a man dressed in a Zorro costume. The photographer deflected queries, saying the man was not doing interviews. But when Weiner emerged, Zorro approached. He said his name was Carlos Danger. He inquired of the candidate, “Why did you steal my name?” Weiner looked terrified." MORE: WaSHPO CREATE YOUR OWN CARLOS DANGER-STYLE NICKNAME: MINE WAS SALVATOR FURTIVE. http://mobile.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/low_concept/2013/07/carlos_danger_name_generator_use_our_widget_to_get_a_name_like_anthony_weiner.html NEWSCASTER DRAWS A PENIS TO DESCRIBE TRAFFIC PATTERNS