July 25, 2013


There's a new "girl" in town! This suspicious character with humongous wigs and a c#m hither look has been seen hanging out on street corners in anticipation of her gigs at Booty Call (djing with Juanita More on 8/31) and Some Thing (performing with David Glamamore on 8/1) and with Pollo Del Mar in Sacramento on 8/3. I don't know the name of this illustrator but I absolutely ADORE his work. Of course, I always look better after the sun goes down. What a treasure to get to spend a whole week in one of my favorite cities with my San Fran-sisters.
Here's an interview in the Bay Area Reporter! This bunny has bite. Famed drag queen Lady Bunny, who will blitz northern California next week to promote her new single, has never been shy about speaking her mind. And in an interview with the Bay Area Reporter this week, the legendary New York City nightlife fixture was vocal about her opinions on gay conservatives, Big Apple lesbian mayoral candidate Christine Quinn, and the rightful place of transgender people in LGBT history. "I wish there were more drag queens who did speak out because I think we often have a unique perspective," said Lady Bunny. She is in the "anyone but Quinn party" in terms of this year's New York City mayoral race and recently appeared at a fundraiser for candidate Bill de Blasio, the city's elected public advocate. She also spoke favorably of disgraced former congressman Anthony Weiner. "I think she is Bloomberg's bitch and was instrumental in securing his third term," said Lady Bunny of Quinn, the current city council speaker, referring to current Mayor Michael Bloomberg. "She is in with big real estate developers so New York is not for New Yorkers anymore." READ: EBAR