July 24, 2013


So Anthony Weiner is addicted to showing his wiener. Speaking to you as a c@ck-loving slut, I'm hardly gonna complain if a guy with a big dick likes to pull it out, either online or off. OK, GURLS? He has the face of a weasel, so you can't blame "Carlos Danger" for wanting to launch his secret weapon. His wife seems to forgive him, so I think all the folks who aren't married to him need to get out of that couple's business. And how the hell are people so prudish all of a sudden? For the past 2 decades, no-talent whores like Paris Hilton and Kim Kardshian have become the nation's top stars after releasing full sex tapes. Weiner never even had the sex and his career is over? I laugh at your so-called morals. In our tabloid-driven world, the added exposure might even help him. Plus, the sexting never seemed to affect his decision-making. He was a firebrand in Congress. One of the few democrats who fought for the people with big, thick veins popping out of his throbbing--you've got dirty minds--NECK as he advocated for a single payer insurance plan. He's a true progressive who stood up to Obama and all of the other bought-and-sold democrats who crafted health care reform that's largely a gift to the insurance companies which they were supposedly trying to reform. My rent doesn't go up or down with Weiner's erections so if he's in the race, he's got my vote. As has any democratic candidate who can defeat Bloomberg's bitch, Christine Quinn. She's the real d(ck in this race.